Innovative Ways to Keep Your E-Commerce Customers Happy


Running an e-commerce business means that it’s difficult to give your customers the same level of customer service that you would be able to if you ran a physical retail store. But, with online shopping becoming more and more popular and a constantly growing array of online shops for customers to choose from, knowing how to keep your customers happy and making sure that they always choose your store first has never been more important. However, with so much competition, what can you do to stand out? We’ve put together some innovative ideas which will help you keep your customers delighted with the service that they receive.

Branded Freebies

Any good business owner knows that customers love getting freebies, especially if they’re not expecting them. However, a large number of businesses only turn to handing out free gifts when something is wrong, for example, if a customer makes a complaint. Instead of waiting until there’s already a bad situation, why not surprise your customers with a free gift from time to time? Branded free gifts such as fridge magnets or stickers from a custom sticker printing company aren’t too expensive to source, and can be a wonderful way of letting your customers know that you’re thankful for their business. Plus, sending out branded gifts is a great way to keep them reminded about your company and brand!

Free Delivery and Returns

According to research, customers are much more likely to come back and spend even more at an e-commerce store which not only offers them the option to have their goods delivered for free, but doesn’t charge them to return any unwanted goods, either. After all, many customers who shop online do so in order to try and get the best deals and prices, and the last thing that they want is to have to end up paying the same amount that they would have saved in shipping prices. Free returns in particular are especially important; research shows that customers who had to pay to return unsuitable items rarely shopped with that particular company again. On the other hand, those who were not charged extra for sending back items that they didn’t want actually increased the amount of shopping they did with that store in the future.


When you run an e-commerce store, you don’t get the same type of face-to-face, in-person interaction with your customers that you would at a brick and mortar store. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t offer your customers the same level of great communication! Social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter are not only great for advertising and promoting new products and offers, you can also use them to stay in touch with your customers directly through tweets, direct messaging, and comments. Carefully maintaining your social media profiles and making sure that you answer any queries and questions directly will keep the lines of communication flowing between your company and its customers.

Although you may never meet your e-commerce customers in person, there are many ways to make sure that they will shop with you again!

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