How Will People Find Your Business Online?


In one corner, there's you and your business.

Then there's your website... and the WorldWideWeb...!

Just how exactly are customers going to find you?

There's a lot of people connected to the Internet... over a billion, in fact. I'm willing to bet my lunch money that more than a few of them are ideal clients and customers for your business.

You don't have to be a web expert or even a Search Engine Optimization specialist. But you do have to publish frequent online content about your products and services. If you can address the problems you solve for people in a way that's interesting, readers (and your ideal customers) will find your website.

The process is called online content marketing. The most popular publishing platform for content marketing is a business blog, either a stand-alone blog site, or a page incorporated into your business website.

Quite simply, for online marketing a business blog is the best darn marketing tool on the planet!

I won't bore you with geek-speak, but trust me on this: Business blogging works if you want to get found, get known, and get profitable.

To simplify, I created this diagram using SmartDraw™. I hope you find it helpful. In the work I do with clients who want to start blogging, many small business professionals still don't realize how important it is to publish frequently on a blog and to update their social media sites with fresh blog links.

Here's how this works on the Web when your content matches your customers needs:

There are multiple ways customers find you online, either through social media sites or search engines. But they can't find you unless you're publishing relevant content somewhere.

Let's face it, an update on your Facebook or LinkedIn page isn't going to be enough to engage readers and communicate your solutions to their problems. That's why you need to publish at least 300 words once or twice weekly on your business blog, using keyword phrases that your readers are searching for.

Your blog is a window that connects customer's needs to your solutions. While social media is easy to use, for the most part, it doesn't provide a publishing platform for in-depth solutions.

Most search engines work well when they index keyword-rich content published on blogs because of the way blogs are formatted. If you're not using a business blog, don't be surprised that people can't find you on the Web.

If I can help, let me know. The Chamber has a library of articles on this site to help you get started.

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