How To Create A Work Culture In Your Startup That Attracts Millennials?

A company’s culture is built by its founders who influence the work environment and affect the morale of their employees.

How To Create A Work Culture In Your Startup That Attracts Millennials?

The primary reason a Business shuts is due to poor team composition and lack of competence. This means the authority fails to take the tough decisions or have too high standards for business. A company’s culture is built by its founders who influence the work environment and affect the morale of their employees.

In an article for Forbes, Candida Brush said, ”Why is culture important in a new company? The failure or quit rate of new ventures is around 50-60% during the first two years”. This means to develop long-term relations with your employees create a work culture that touches their lives.

Here are a few tips to improve the work culture in your startup that attracts millennials:

Millennials Want To Make A Difference

A culture which values everyone and makes cumulative decisions does sound like a dream. The modern employee roots toward a company that entertains their ideas and innovate consistently. Millennials focus towards personal growth along with reformations in the existing norms. According to Forbes, only 15% of 2015 grads prefer jobs in a large corporation. This is because millennials like to be a part of the organization rather than just working for them.

Inculcate Positive Communication

Generate a culture where people are free to express themselves and have positive interactions. A healthy culture creates job satisfaction and ensures work ethics and employee determination. Eliminate negative people who criticize or bully others. These people inhibit the scope of improvements and pull back others from projecting their true potential. You should be sensitive to your surroundings and show vulnerability. Your care and concern develop a mutual empathy that creates a long-term relationship with your employees. According to Tom Green, the CMO at Writers Per Hour, “two-way communication between employees and management lead to a work environment where everything seems possible.” Green further adds that “it is only the communication that cements the differences among people and inspire them to innovate.” Thus, take proactive measures to inculcate free and positive communication among your team members.

Develop Routines

Company traditions and routines create a sense of togetherness among your employees. A work environment where people come together to accomplish a goal is far better than each employee stuck in a desk job. Take time to include activities, reward achievements, and promote interpersonal relations between your employees. Welcome good humor to maintain their interest throughout the long office hours. A well-developed routine improves employees’ attitude towards the work and brings unanimity among them.

Employee Feedback

Your employees have a deeper knowledge of the environment your company holds. Having regular feedback from employees can help you to maintain the culture you are striving for. This includes having remarks about the work type your employees have, whether they are comfortable with the work load or they are not able to perform to their potential. Another aspect is the social interactions the employees have, whether they are uncomfortable to work with their colleagues, or going through some emotional imbalance. The employee feedback means the employees get to share their views and contribute to the improvement of the company.

Share Your Values

Be specific about your goals, share your values with your employees. Sharing the aim of your organization gives an insight to your employees. Ask them about the meaning of these values. This exposure to the company’s ideas and beliefs invites a series of innovations and participations. The organization will make a collective approach to achieve these goals and strive towards excellence.


Introducing flexibility in the work culture promotes a healthy work style and improve employee engagement. Including a scope for mistakes in what makes a company a place for collective growth and improvement. Flexible work hours and modifiable targets lessen the workload on an employee hence promoting creativity. Millennials root toward a company that values their ideas and perception instead of their work hours.

A work culture has a direct impact on the quality of work your employees offer. Even if you hire the best candidate for the job, they might not be able to perform in a workplace with poor work ethics and culture. Introducing a culture that promotes innovation and constant improvements is the key to long-term success towards reaching your career goals. The founder of the company determines the environment and ethics under which the employee works. This is the first step towards the advancement which attracts millennials and reforms your company according to the modern world.

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