How Online Faxing Works

Faxing may seem like an outdated method to send information, especially with how many online messaging tools and mobile apps we have today.

How Online Faxing Works

Faxing may seem like an outdated method to send information, especially with how many online messaging tools and mobile apps we have today.

But faxing online is now an option we can use to communicate.

Today, the faxing method no longer needs two devices to send a fax (a telephone and fax machine). Instead, this condensed process requires the use of only one. (unless you choose to still send and receive faxes the traditional way.)

Technology has evolved from needing a telephone-based fax machine. We now have the choice of which mobile device we want to send a fax (laptop computer, tablet, smartphone).

With internet faxing, we can use our email or an app to fax messages from our Android, iOS, or laptop. As long as we have an internet connection and an internet fax service, we can send and receive faxes online. How Do I Fax through the Internet? The main difference between traditional faxing and online faxing lies in the way you send and receive faxes.

When you fax through the internet, you do not need a physical connection line or a physical fax machine to send or receive your faxes.

You can send fax documents from anywhere, only by having an internet connection and a device capable of opening files such as PDF, Microsoft Word.

Nowadays most people prefer sending emails to faxes, but you can send and receive a fax through the internet to a fax machine and vice versa. How to Fax by Email and by Traditional Fax Machine Before you begin, make sure you have already signed up for an online service that supports the capability of sending outgoing faxes and receiving incoming faxes by email.

When you email as a fax, the email address must match the one your fax service provided you. Otherwise, the transaction will not go through. Fax by email (Internet) This faxing option is how you can send a fax to an email address that uses a fax service or to send a fax to a fax machine.

1. Create a new email in Gmail or another email provider.

2. Enter the recipient's fax number in the field you usually put in the email address. Include the area code.

3. Follow the fax number with the fax provider’s domain. It should look something like this:

4. In the email's body, write a message (Optional) and then attach your fax in a file format. Find out from your service provider which formats they support.

5. After you attach the fax, hit the send button. Fax by Fax Machine This faxing option is how you can send a fax from your fax machine to an email address that uses a fax service.

1. Use the fax number that the fax service provider assigned to the recipient. Dial it into your fax machine.

2. The fax machine will conduct the translation of the data, and the fax transmission will occur over the fax line.

3. The fax page will end up in the recipient's email inbox.

4. The recipient opens the email message and the email attachment to view the fax file.

Online fax uses the internet and internet protocols (IP) to send a fax online. What are Internet Protocols (IP) Although we use the internet all the time, the process of how it works is not tangible or something we can view directly from our offices or homes.

Every time we log on to the internet, we can be sure that a lot is happening “behind the scenes.”

It is up to the internet and Internet Protocols to ensure messages are sent to the right individuals and locations. Internet Protocols (IP) Have Two Basic Functions To send a fax online, it needs internet protocols, which perform two primary functions.

1. Host addressing and identification An IP address identifies the host or, more specifically, its web interface.

It provides the location of the host in the network using an assigned numerical label, which then establishes a path to that host.

A computer network uses Internet Protocols to communicate.

2. Packet routing As an IP address identifies the host’s location, an IP packet route shows how to get there.

This is the task of sending packets of data (datagrams) from source to destination.

It forwards them to the next network router closer to the final destination.

The header of each IP packet contains the IP address of the sending host and that of the destination host.

Knowing the process of how online faxing works, matters most to those who use it, but everyone wants to know: is it safe? Are Online Faxing Services Safe? Online faxing is as simple and as safe as emailing. And like an email, it requires users to subscribe and have their own local fax number to send and receive.

Some online fax services offer users a limited or unlimited number of faxes they can send per day, international faxes, and online storage.

Subscriptions and features may require a payment to use. Other fees may also apply.

Conclusion If you fax often and want to send faxes via the internet, the best way to find a fax solution right for you is by contacting a fax service provider like these online fax providers, MyFax and FaxZero.

Another option is if you already use a VoIP service provider that offers fax services, like Nextiva, call them toll-free to get it setup.

Internet fax services assign a fax phone line (number) to each person who signs up for the service. This phone number provides users with the capability to send and receive faxes via email and with or without a fax machine.

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