Here’s How to Use Content Marketing for Your Small Business


Smart marketers realize traditional outbound marketing isn’t as effective as it used to be, and recognize that there are smarter ways to reach their audiences. One way is through content marketing, or curating useful content in order to draw in traffic and customers.

How content marketing helps

For one thing, content marketing results in higher search engine visibility. The reason is that every new post you add to your blog is a page that Google is going to index. Each page doesn’t guarantee more traffic, but more quality pages can provide you more opportunities to rank more search queries. If you target keywords and topics your customers search for, you can boost the likelihood of appearing for those searches.

Content marketing also leads to more referral traffic – when you guest publish and contribute to external publications, you have the chance to link back to your own website. If you do this on a relevant site with a lot of traffic, and just one post can give you thousands of new visitors.

You also have the unique ability to improve your brand reputation through content marketing. People who read things you’ve written form an impression of your brand. If they like what they read and find it informative, they will think highly of your brand. If your content lands on external sources or in their newsfeeds, they’ll perceive you as an established and trustworthy leader in your industry. This, and all of these reasons, ideally leads to more conversions, too.

You’ll need a strategy though – just like a political campaign or poker strategy. Don’t get started without outlining the best uses of your content marketing resources. Here are four of many powerful content marketing strategies you can capitalize on:

Guest blogging

Want to grow your audience? It’s time to guest post. Reach out and see if you can write an article and publish it on someone else’s blog. This is a great opportunity to connect with new readers and get you and your business in front of a new audience.

Social media

There are reasons why social media could be harming small businesses, but not as it relates to content marketing. Social media is the perfect spot to promote your business and it’s simple, too. Use your business page to share humorous or inspiring quotes, take polls to boost engagement, show behind-the-scenes-photos of your team, or share links to blog posts.


Many businesses have blogs, or know they should start one. A blog is one way to get your business name out there and you should always aim to post high quality articles that will help your readers. Fewer, more helpful posts are much better in the long run over churning out countless posts that have little value to your readers.


The presentation of information in a visual way is effective because it gets more shares, more views and in general, more love than other types of content posts. Infographics are a powerful method of passing along information – plus, Infographics are liked and shared up to three times more on social media than other content.

Content marketing should be at the core of your of your marketing campaign. Today’s consumers are much less responsive to traditional advertising – they often ignore magazine advertising, and sometime don’t even “see” ads anymore while surfing online. Make it a point to take full advantage of content marketing and all is has to offer, and you’ll simultaneously build your reputation and your business.

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