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Everyone likes opening up an unmarked planner on January 1st. and ringing in the New Year by replacing old photos and coffee mugs on a desk with the new ones received over the holidays. The act of “starting again” is therapeutic and rejuvenating. It may seem silly, but reorganizing your workspace and starting on a fresh page both figuratively and literally heightens motivation and leads to an increase in productivity.

Which leads to the question: Why wait until January 1st?

There is no reason to put off changes that will improve your workflow for even another day, let alone months. Here are a few ways to get a start on New Year’s organization now:
  • Clean your workspace. Do not just dust over the top of paper stacks or other items cluttering your space. Take inventory of what is on the top of your desk and in your drawers then decide what is unnecessary. Once you purge all the excess items, reorganize what is left. During this time you’ll probably find that you may need to order new office products. Finally, take an extra few minutes to dust, blow the dust from your keyboard and wipe down your computer screen.

  • Reorganize your digital space. Your physical desk can get pretty overwhelmed with items over time – but what about the workspace on your electronics? A cluttered digital desktop causes disorganization which leads to a loss of productivity. Plus it is just a pain to have to search through a bunch of unnecessary files in order to find the right one. Put items into new folders and send the others to the recycling bin. While you are at it, go through your email to reorganize and delete your messages there.

  • Organize tax information. If you have not already started to get your tax and finance information in order, start now. Track down any missing documents or receipts and organize the items you already have. Visit sites with small business tax tips and find out if you are maximizing your credits and deductions. Even if you only dedicate one or two hours to this task, it will save you the panic of the tax season time crunch come the New Year.

  • Revisit goals. New Year’s resolutions are nice but what’s wrong with getting a jump start on them? If you are self-employed, take a look at the specifics of your business aspirations. If you work for someone else, revisit the objectives of your position and find places for improvement. Weed out outdated responsibilities and add in any new ones. Decide where you want to be in six months, a year and two years then brainstorm specific ways to attain those goals.
While you are at it, look ahead in your calendar and pick a date every three months (or less) to go through this process. Having affairs in order makes everything in your work life more streamlined and easy to manage. Take the time to get a jumpstart on organization before the rush of the holiday season.

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