Be Unique In Your Actions

It's so important to stand out in this competitive marketplace. However, that doesn't mean you should use gimmicks or tricks. Here are some ways to be unique in your actions and go above and beyond.

Tuesday, January 28th 2014 in Business by Grant Cardone
Be Unique In Your Actions

It's so important to stand out in this competitive marketplace. Seek to be memorable! Now, I'm not talking about using gimmicks or tricks. I mean get creative. Be unique by your actions and let what you do set you apart and put you on track for success.

When you seek out new ways to impress and service customers and clients, it really challenges you and inspires creativity. You'll be motivated to look for ways to provide that WOW factor and smash the competition. Far too often people coast along on average by doing the minimum. Why not deliver a wow experience for clients and customers by being creative in your actions?

What advantage do you have over the competition? Maybe you are fluent in another language and can use that to establish rapport and trust. Think about a time in your life when you really wanted something and got creative to get it. Maybe it was a huge deal, an important job interview, or something personal like a date, a marriage proposal, or a surprise for your kids. Think about how creative you get when your goal is to really impress someone. Then apply that level of creativity to think of ways to be truly unique.

Some ways to be unique in your actions and go above and beyond include:

Fast Follow Up

After I meet someone, I immediately send a text, "great meeting you." Most people wait and let time enter the equation. I stand out by being fast, first, and memorable. This makes me unique.

Overpromising and Over-Delivering

If everyone else goes by the philosophy "under-promise and over-deliver" be unique by promising and delivering on more. People remember those who listen closely, understand the details, and go beyond what's expected. Tell a client you can have something to them by Friday then work hard to get it to them Thursday, sooner if possible.

Enforcing a "No Negativity" Code in Business and Life

This is powerful. Everyone is usually negative, even the people seeking out your product or service. Having a positive, make-it-happen, agreeable attitude will make you unique. Customers are so used to average customer service. Be exceptional! "Of course we can help you with that. I'll take care of that for you right away."

Do a Lot and Do it Fast

Imagine how you'll stand out from the pack simply by finishing tasks quickly. Completing things always brings a sense of accomplishment - doing them well and quickly makes you unique and ahead of the rest.

Being unique makes you memorable and when combined with a "can do" attitude, you'll be unstoppable.

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