7 Great Infographics and What SMB Can Learn From Each


The Internet abounds with pretty memes and infographics that don't necessarily give you a lot of helpful information. These seven graphics are packed with the kind of information that helps your small business blossom. The images cover a wide range of topics that will benefit your business, from online CRM to cyber security to coupons.

The Benefits of Small Business Card Acceptance

It used to be much more difficult and expensive for SMBs to accept credit cards than it is now. With mobile payment processing apps and relatively low fees, just about anyone can accept credit cards anywhere their business is. But is it worthwhile for your business? Probably. This infographic shows that nearly one third of Point-of-Sale transactions are paid with credit cards. More than half of all small businesses are asked on a regular basis to accept credit.

Should Your Small Business Use an Online CRM?

This Insightly infographic is a flowchart that helps you decide whether your business would benefit from using CRM or from moving your existing CRM to a cloud-based solution. CRM can improve your response time and accuracy with customers, help you manage social media accounts better, and even improve your ROI.

The Small Business Tax

When considering financial burdens for small businesses, complying with government regulation was the top concern for 22 percent of businesses. Business costs are significantly higher than what the government estimates, yet small businesses bear a larger burden. "Fixed Cost" regulatory fees put even more financial pressure on SMBs. Regulatory burden on businesses is $970 billion annually.

Small Business Cyber Security

Do you have a realistic view of your cyber security? Even a small business can’t afford to ignore security. This infographic provides some eye-opening data...72% of known hacker breaches in 2011 affected small businesses. Many SMBs aren't taking the right precautions to avoid attacks. While you might believe an attack won't result in too much damage, 60% of businesses that experienced a data breach were permanently closed within 6 months.

Jumpstart Your Marketing

This little infographic boasts five excellent tips to light a fire under your marketing efforts. Surprisingly simple advice backed by relevant data. Did you know that 20% of searches have local intent? You probably know how to make sure you show up there, but how can you get a customer to choose you over the guy next door? Try these common sense marketing moves.

Top 8 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

You probably already know that engaging your customers on their favorite social media platforms is a great way to generate leads and build relationships. This graphic shows you the top benefits of social media marketing according to Hubspot's State of Inbound 2014-2015 report. It puts real life data behind those benefits to demonstrate their impact. Two thirds of American consumer buying behavior is influenced by social media. Empower your social media marketing efforts with the data behind the top eight benefits.

Value of Coupons in Digital Campaigns

Many small businesses fail to offer coupons to their customers. If you avoid offering coupons, you could really be missing out. This Vouchercloud graphic gives you the scoop about online coupons. It's not just about giving your loyal customers a deal. Special offers build trust, encourage repeat business and feedback, get customers to try new things, and attract new customers. Learn how customers use coupons and where they prefer to get coupons from.

Infographics shows you the data behind advice, presented in an easy-to-understand format. In many instances you can even see how things have worked out for other businesses. It’s a great way for a busy business owner like you to discover valuable information you can act on.

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