5 Happiness Boosters for Small Business Owners

One way to maintain your happiness every day at work is to take time to focus on it – and how to make it a priority. Here are some simpler ways to happiness.

5 Happiness Boosters for Small Business Owners

Being in business for yourself takes a tough skin. Small business owners get used to hearing “no” and putting out proverbial fires pretty quickly. That day-in and day-out grind is exhausting and even the most seasoned small business owners have some low moments. The great thing is that though there are some down times in a small business cycle, there are some really high ones too. The key is to keep your positive attitude front and center at all times to weather all the different climates of small business ownership.

One way to maintain your happiness every day at work is to take time to focus on it – and how to make it a priority. You may not have time to sit down and watch your favorite TV show, or go to lunch with your significant other, every day but there are some simpler ways to keep smiling.


Just taking a brisk 20-minute walk can really put your mood on the upswing. Endorphins are one of the body’s most powerful hormones and the effects of even a moderate workout stick around long after you’ve finished. Plus consistent exercise keeps you healthier overall, which makes your workdays more productive and manageable (since most small business owners don’t get paid “sick” days).


What do you want to accomplish with your business? What are the important goals in your life? Write them all down and then turn them into daily affirmations that you read to yourself. If you can, say them in front of a mirror for more of a visual impact. It may feel funny at first, but research shows that physically saying these words on a repeat basis makes you more confident, and more likely to accomplish them.

Personal development.

We spend a lot of time reading our text messages, emails and articles online but what about self-improvement? Spend 10 to 15 minutes per day on personal development tasks, like reading a leadership book or something else that relates to sales or your industry. Glean tips from people who have expertise in being successful and feed off that positive energy.


Get away from your computer, phone, tablet and TV (really anything with a screen) for at least a few hours every day. Maybe the most feasible time is at the end of the workday, or maybe you need a break mid-day. Whenever that time slot is, try to keep it consistent so your mind gets used to having that rest from screens and technology. You will come away from it feeling refreshed and with new focus for the job at hand.

Paying it forward.

There’s a reason why consumers spent $617 billion during the last holiday season. People love to give gifts and see the happiness on their loved ones’ faces. Putting forth the energy to make another person happy, whether planned or through impromptu kindness, will always put a smile on your face too. Plan community outreach and volunteer efforts, and look for simple, everyday ways to make people smile.

How do you maintain a positive attitude as a small business owner?

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