4 Tips to Enhance Your Entrepreneurial Skills


Let's start with a fun example. Did you know that business and online gaming can go hand in hand? The two utilize a lot of the same skill sets an strategies. Successful business people and online gamers both have to master how to figure out the truth, anticipate the next move, and play their hand just right without giving anything away.

It’s not uncommon to hear of professional players playing online casino for real money as business. Both entrepreneurs and online gamers are often considered risk takers -- the skills one acquires while playing online games can help the entrepreneur launch and grow successful businesses. Take a look at these 4 ways playing online games can help you as an entrepreneur.

Learn to calculate risk.

In both business and online gaming, there is a constant measure of potential gain and loss and the choice of whether or not to take risks. Both situations require quick math and the ability to assess the situation on the clock.

This is exciting because it represents risks – there is a lot at stake. Intelligent entrepreneurs and online gamers learn when it’s smart to take risks, such as when the odds are in their favor.

Learn endurance and how to cope under pressure.

Online gaming teaches players endurance and forces them to learn how to cope under pressure. Typically tournaments begin with several players, and as the time passes, more players drop out or are eliminated finally leaving the last man standing – the champion.

Similarly, hundred of entrepreneurs launch startups every single day with a hopeful mindset. Those that become successful are run by CEO’s who are able and willing to work hard – even non-stop – for days. These entrepreneurs see the potential for the gain that is possible, yet realizing it’s also possible to lose it all.

Understand the difference between skill and gambling.

Not all games played online are games of chance. Yes, one person out of a hundred or even a thousand will win the online games. The odds of starting and growing a startup into one that becomes successful aren’t much higher. A whopping 90 percent of startups fail. This is a hard truth but one that is important to recognize so entrepreneurs can work smarter and harder to ensure their business finds success and is in the 10 percent that make it.

Realize how online games can make you a better boss.

Businesses experience great success when led by bosses who know how to inspire various types of individuals to work together towards a common vision. This isn’t as easy as it sounds – it’s actually quite complicated. Effective business communication is a skill that is learned and takes a large amount of psychology. This skill is so important -- effective business communication is one of many ways to keep your best team together.

Similarly, successful online gamers learn quickly to adapt to various people while playing games. In addition to the ability to read people from the get-go, it’s also essential to track behaviors to identify patterns and gain the ability to predict how each person will respond as a direct reaction of another individual’s actions. This skill set translates well in an office setting.

Entrepreneurs are sometimes too risk-averse. An important thing to remember in online gaming and in business is to ride the wave of risk, but don’t go too far over. Online gamers learn to focus on relationship building, and any entrepreneur will recognize how vital it is to forge strong relationships when running a business.

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