4 Practical Ways to Get Quality Customer Feedback


Defining customers' needs and improving their experience is requisite for every business. Customer feedback gives you the insights to do it better. Not only it enables you to measure customer satisfaction but also offers the best ways of improving customer retention.

Most of the marketers put in the best of their attempts in gathering customer feedback; they fumble on the fact that the task asks for smartness more than hard-earned efforts. Jumping blindly on seeking and cataloging users’ experiences can take you to a much chaotic customer-data.

To pull-out profits, marketers need to follow the precise ways of collecting and managing customer feedback:

1. Customer Satisfaction Surveys:

Surveys to delineate customers’ satisfaction stay on the favorite list of marketers. If you can draft and shoot customer feedback surveys that approach the readers giving them an unavoidable urge to respond back, you can get a deep insight into the level of their satisfaction with your services.

Once you know to what extent your customers are satisfied, you can move towards integrating changes to your business and marketing structure.


  • Short surveys curated with meaningful content are less likely to bore the readers and more likely to get them with the feeling of something unique.
  • Keep it reasonable. Introduce them to genuine reasons of responding back to the survey.
  • Focus on the subject line. Only a crisp, accurate and exciting subject line can poke well to their attention.
  • Craft questions that meet the purpose of your survey and are relevant for the user.

2. Emails:

What can be better than asking your customers about what they think of you and your services? You can also view it as one-on-one feedback.

Soliciting emails to your customers gives you the opportunity to start a conversation with them which you fail to get in surveys. Send out emails to them asking for their feedback, and once you've got one, you can start engaging conversations with them asking:

  • What do they want from you to improve your products?
  • What, according to them, makes them do business with you or to avail your services?
  • What made them unsubscribe you?


  • Keep the subject lines of emails short and appealing.
  • Design a customer follow-up system to keep the feedback organized.
  • Be timely. Delaying in responding to the email feedback will eventually drop down the interest of the readers.

3. Live Chat:

Not only the surveys or emails, but live chat is also an excellent source to know your customers better. The best thing with live chat is that you don’t have to wait longer to get the outcomes.

Giving your users the option to chat, on your website, gives you and your customers the luxury to connect and to get the results quickly. Once the conversation is on, the chances of getting more conversions are better.


  • Keep the Live Chat icon clear and unique.
  • Keep the questions relevant and easy to understand.
  • Be fast in responding back with appropriate answers.
  • Even if your chat team is unavailable due to any reason, stay speedy in responding back.

4. Customer Feedback Boxes:

Customers prefer a seamless surfing. Asking for feedback as questions while the user’s activity on your website can break his/her continuity and that can create lesser chances of getting a qualitative customer feedback.

Implementing customer feedback or comment boxes on your website is an interesting method of asking feedback from your customers without annoying them. Inserting feedback boxes based on the on-site behavior of the user at the end of a website page maximizes the chances of achieving better replies, and that too, without many efforts.


  • Put questions as per the in-app behavior of the customer.
  • An open-ended question is always better, but at some pages, you can try multiple choice questions too.
  • Make sure you bring appropriate changes as per the asked improvements by the user.

Your every single customer holds a feedback for you. You just need to know how to gather it. Try these methods and share your feedback with us.

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