4 Body Language Tips to Improve Your Customer Service


Body language does a lot more than you may realize – it says a lot about you at any given moment. People take cues from things that seem minor, like how fast your movements are, the directions your legs point and even small facial expressions you may make.

Body language will influence how your customers feel when interacting with you and what type of impression they have of you after interacting. According to Walker, customer experience will become more important than product and price by 2020. You can use body language to work to your advantage with the help of these four tips.

Maintain eye contact

The eyes are an overlooked way of communicating – many professionals don’t realize that while you listen with your ears, you need to see and listen with your eyes too. When you can freely and naturally make eye contact, you reflect attentiveness, confidence and sincerely. Many people avoid eye contract because they’re distracted, shy or not telling the truth.

In customer service, you want to convey to the customer that they’re important. Maintaining eye contact shows that you value what they have to say. Good eye contact does not mean you can’t look away ever – never breaking eye contact would make everyone uncomfortable. Instead maintain eye contact that is comfortable and natural. Nod when you agree with and understand your customer and you can make them feel listened to and build trust at the same time. One of the top characteristics of successful entrepreneurs is the ability to communicate effectively.


This can be easy for some people, but it doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Never underestimate the impact your smile can have on another person. There have been studies on smiling and it was proven to have a positive effect on people. Smiling also makes you appear more approachable and positive.

As you interact with customers, make sure you offer a genuine smile. Keep a friendly face and customers will be drawn to you if they see you as positive and approachable. There are many ways technology can help your business, such as utilizing sites like Quote My Energy to find the best deals on electricity and gas prices or customer service solutions. However, nothing beats a sincere smile in a face-to-face interaction.

Avoid fidgeting

Do your best to avoid fidgeting when you interact with customers. Fidgeting won’t portray you in a positive way. When people fidget, they appear uncomfortable and will make customers feel that they’re not the number one priority. It can give off the vibe that you’re ready to be done with the interaction, plus it’s not easy to interact with a person who is tapping their hands or legs or drumming their fingers.

If you notice you’re fidgeting when interacting with a customer, pause and make sure you are fully focused on your interaction. Remember to listen with your ears and eyes and take in all of the information your customer is sharing.

Mirror your customer

Upon meeting another person, people unconsciously look for similarities that will form a bond a or connection. When you mirror your customer’s body language, you’ll establish rapport and build a relationship with them.

In addition to mirroring their body language, you can opt their tone or choice or words. It’s natural to mirror – everyone does it every day when we communicate with those we have a relationship with. Your customers will gravitate towards you if they believe you have a lot in common, paving the way for more positive future interactions with them.

Interacting with a customer means you have to have the ability to react swiftly and efficiently, while also listening and nourishing the relationship. Do what you can to establish common ground with your customers to build rapport and find solutions for problems. If you do these things, you’ll excel in the customer service area and boost your business at the same time.

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Matt Shealy

Matt Shealy is a Social Media evangelist and technologist based out of Orlando, FL and the President of SwayyEm. Matt's passion is to help connect brands with consumers in a meaningful, authentic way.

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