3 Simple Ways Eco-Friendly Companies Can Stand Out From Their Competition


Almost every sector is on a steady shift to going green as more eco-friendly companies are springing up. With environmental concerns like global warming, consumers want to be able to participate in the sustainability of the ecosystem.

For example, the Nielsen report revealed that 66 percent of consumers will pay more for sustainable goods. In the same reports, it was founded that 73 percent of millennials will do the same. Consumers believe that they are playing an active role in the sustaining the ecosystem by patronizing environmentally friendly companies. Today we have eco-friendly companies in almost every industry, from fashion to the power sector.

The prospects for eco-friendly companies are high. However, as the number of eco-friendly companies increases the competition is getting stiff. Today there are thousands of companies fighting for the attention of environmentally conscious consumers. The only way to enjoy a share of the market is to stand out in the industry. Here are 3 ways to do that:

Be authentic

Whether they are environmentally conscious or not, consumers respect and appreciate companies that are honest about their products and services as well as their values as a company. In fact, a survey shows that 91 percent of the participants valued authenticity over brand popularity.

Where the competition among green companies is intense a good leverage point is how authentically they portray themselves before their environmentally conscious consumers. Authenticity is a powerful means to win the hearts and minds of your target consumers. The same survey revealed that 63 percent of consumers would rather buy from a company that is authentic than one that fails to show their true selves.

If you are an eco-friendly company trying to win the hearts and minds of your target audience, then the key to having an authentic brand lies in sharing powerful stories that add personality to the company. Giving your company that human touch and being vocal about what matters to you as a company gives you an edge over the competition.

Key Takeaway #1: Be vocal and honest about how important being eco-friendly is to the company. Share stories about your “Why” to build that authentic brand.

Provide exceptional customer service

According to this report, about 75 percent of customers use the quality of customer service as a yardstick to determine the competence of a company. It comes as no surprise at all. A company that provides great customer service gets remembered.

Customer satisfaction, for most well-established companies, is on a decline. The larger the company, the less attention is paid to their customers. It is assured that their name will do all the work. This is an avenue for smart eco-friendly businesses to leverage on.

Use the social media to help boost your customer service delivery and stand out from your competitors. 34.5 percent of customers prefer customer service through social media.

Key Takeaway #2: Go the extra mile in your customer service delivery. Be quick, polite and efficient. There are several ways of providing high-quality customer service. It could be as simple as answering clients’ emails quickly, providing helpful advice about your products or services or just being kind polite when the client walks into the office.

Create and publish valuable content

To stand out in the eco-friendly industry, you need to position yourself as an expert. The way to do this is to consistently create valuable content that will help your target audience. Whether it is how to simplify the distribution of IT equipment or how to watch TV online for free, create valuable content consistently. High-quality content consistently published either on your company’s blog, major publications or even on social media makes your company a reliable source of information.

An important thing to note when creating content is to make sure you allow your company’s brand personality shine through. This goes back to the first point on being authentic.

Most business owners are warming up to the idea of being active content creators. They know that great content makes their target audience keep visiting their website and eventually converts them to devoted purchasers of their products and services.

Key Takeaway #3: Be a valuable source to your target audience with high-quality content. Great content will make your target audience tome back.

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