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There’s no doubt about it, most eCommerce sites only convert 2-3% of site visitors. What if you could understand why the other 98% of them left your site? Were they looking for that hard to find product or a product at a certain price point? Recognize that the shopper is more in control of the buying process than ever before. Today’s online shopper can visit 10 of your competitor’s in the matter of minutes and gather enough reviews and peer feedback to feel confident in their decision. For eCommerce operators data about potential customers’ needs and wants while in the buying process on your site is the Holy Grail. We’ll review two ways to gather this information and remarket in a targeted way based on what the customer tells you they are looking for.

Tracklf Web Tracker App

TrackIf is a great tool for shoppers and eCommerce operators alike. TrackIf’s mission is to help eCommerce companies monetize their on-site, non-converting traffic; typically 98% of visitors never purchase anything. For shoppers, TrackIf alerts the consumer when a selected product of interest is on promotion, in stock, out-of-stock or reaches a specific price point. This allows the customer to share their specific product interest in exchange for getting a good deal. Consumers can track anything from price drops on your favorite bathing suit to new job openings sites like Monster and Career Builder. eCommerce site owners can partner with TrackIf or install the TrackIfy App to gain insights into what products their customers are interested in and send targeted emails to convert the sale.

TrackIf is a multi-tenant solution that is used by both retail stores (e.g. Neiman Marcus, Cost Plus, iRobot, etc.) and an open marketplace. To give you an idea of size the TrackIf open marketplace currently helps over 375,000 people track more than $1 billion of product from over 1,200 websites save money. The solution allows eCommerce stores to gather rich data and run manual or automated promotions to customers on the products they already told you they were interested in purchasing!

More Repeat Buyers with Windsor Circle

Email marketing is the corner stone for most successful eCommerce businesses but doing it right can be very complex and time consuming. That’s where Windsor Circle can help. Windsor Circle helps businesses automate their email marketing campaigns by integrating with their eCommerce platform. The result is emails being sent based on customer’s actions or inactions over time. For example, if a customer hasn’t purchased in an extended time period they can receive win-back emails offering discounts. It’s much cheaper to retain existing customers than it is to win new ones. Windsor Circle is an inexpensive way for eCommerce operators to do just that.

Don’t concede the miserable eCommerce conversion rates of the past. Look to new technology partners to help unlock the mystery of online shoppers and give them the means to tell you what they want and when they want it. Your conversion rates will love you for it!

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