11 Better Ways to Attract More New Business


No matter what stage of business you’re in, attracting more new business is a critical part of continued growth and success. Push your boundaries outside of the same old tried and true methods, and you’ll be amazed at what you can do.

1- Create More Powerful Subject Lines with OOMPH

When you launch an email marketing campaign, the subject line determines whether your email will be opened or deleted. While the content of your messaging needs to be powerful enough to motivate the reader to take action, your subject line must be enticing enough to get recipients to open it in. A few simple tweaks to your subject line can make all the difference in your campaign.

●Give your readers a reason to open the email.

●Emphasize the benefit, rather than features.

●Choose your words carefully.

Studies show words like “urgent” and “breaking” work better than similar words like “alert” and “important” when it comes to conveying time sensitivity.

2- Invest in Unique Tradeshow Swag

Sure, it’s easy to print business cards, pens, buttons, and bumper stickers. That’s why everybody does the same thing. Look for more interesting branded swag to make your potential customers remember who you are and come back to contact you after the tradeshow event. Tech companies, for example, could invest in promotional USB flash drives and preload them with information about the company or a welcome page with a link to your website.

3- Send Customers “Free Money”

You’re spending advertising anyway, so why not give it directly to your loyal customers? Use a direct mail service to send your customers a small gift certificate. Tell them it isn’t a discount or a coupon, and there are no strings attached. Who doesn’t tell their friends about receiving free money in the mail?

4- Use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Using CRM helps you to get to know and understand your customers. Once you get “inside their heads,” you’ll learn how to get their attention. A CRM tool like Insightly helps small businesses grow by letting you see what’s really going on with customers. A great CRM will also help you unite the sales and marketing team for increased productivity.

5- Random Acts of Business

How can you go above and beyond your products and services to “wow” your customers with random acts of kindness? For instance, wedding planners could offer a spa gift card for a massage or a pedicure a stressed-out bride can use before the big day. Screenprinters could offer branded blankets to local area shelters or nursing homes. It’s not always about making the sale, but how you make people feel...building an emotional connection to your brand.

6- Offer Referral Discounts

Turn your customers into brand ambassadors. Your CRM can tell you who your best customers are, so you can reach out with an offer to reward your customers for sending you business. If they love your business, they’ll recommend you to friends without incentive, but knowing they’ll get something in return will encourage them to do it more often.

7- Host a Scavenger Hunt Giveaway

Wick & Greene Jewelers in Asheville, North Carolina does an annual “Race for the Ring.” The event draws hundreds of people downtown, starting at the jewelry store. Participants race around town to find clues until one lucky couple finds the ring, worth $15,000. The event gets publicity from local radio stations, and gets people talking about the company. Participants are required to register in advance to participate, giving Wick & Greene customer information to leverage in future marketing campaigns.

Your company doesn’t have to give a prize that big to get the same value, of course, but a similar event can generate significant buzz. Even if you’re an online-only business, you could start a similar event in any major city.

8- Get Involved in Your Local Community

Host a fundraiser for a good cause, or sponsor an event. Since there are so many causes out there, choose one that you know your target audience will most likely participate in. For example, if your business specializes in sporting goods, sponsor a little league team. If you’re in health and fitness, sponsor a local 5K event. You’ll get free publicity from the event coordinators just for donating your time and money to the cause.

9- Create a Sense of Urgency

Jamberry, a direct sales company that sells nail wraps and lacquers, has two major catalog releases a year. At the end of the season before releasing the new catalog, they go through their product offerings to remove any seasonal and low selling items. Before they’re gone forever, they launch a “Going, Going, Gone” marketing campaign to give customers a chance to grab products that will be gone forever. Drive your sales the same way with “limited time only” products and services.

10- Start a Resource Website

Join forces with other businesses to create a useful resource for customers. For example, a real estate company could partner with skilled craftsman such as plumbers, roofers, electricians, etc. to create a resource for homeowners. Build an extensive library of informative how-to content, like, “How to Fix a Leaky Sink,” “10 Things You Must Do to Weatherize Your Home,” and “How to Stage Your Home for an Open House.” It’s advertising for all businesses involved, and with the collaborative marketing power of all the businesses, has the potential to reach prospective customers much faster.

11- Consider Cooperative Advertising

Instead of competing with similar businesses in your area, advertise with them. The St. Augustine Independent Restaurant Association (SAIRA) is a website where independently owned and operated restaurants come together to encourage all diners to skip the chains and dine local. Each restaurant has a listing, and the website makes it easy for customers to find restaurants based on what cuisine or price point they're looking for. It’s also easy for people to see which restaurants are kid friendly, and which offer a selection of beer and wine or a full bar. Working together to provide a valuable resource for all consumers, each restaurant supports the others to draw in new business for all of them.

Your marketing efforts don’t have to break the bank to be effective. Consistent marketing will drive new business, and quality service will convert it to repeat business for continued success.

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