3 Agile Marketing Tips to Keep Up in 2019


Every company wants its brand to stand out. And, for 2019, the more “agile” your marketing, the better positioned your company will be for the future.

How Agile Marketing Works vs. Traditional or Digital Marketing

It’s not quite accurate to compare Agile Marketing to traditional or digital marketing. Traditional marketing is what we might define as “old school” marketing in non-technical avenues, such as traditional print advertising, radio or TV spots, and billboards.

Digital marketing refers to all aspects of marketing online, from social media posts to ads on search engines.

Agile Marketing is not so much where you market, but how you market. It is a mindset of marketing that favors being quick, creative and ready to change directions if something isn’t working.

The term “Agile Marketing” comes from the Agile system that was created primarily to support quick software development. The values of Agile include:

  • Being able to respond when change is needed rather than following a plan to the “T.”
  • Assigning teams to small “sprints,” or assignments, allows for flexibility and speed.
  • Leveraging real data and analytics instead of relying on conventional wisdom or opinions.
  • Taking small steps to test the waters instead of humongous leaps.
  • Valuing individuality over a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Promoting collaborative efforts instead of isolated silos and strict hierarchical structures.

You can apply Agile Marketing techniques to both traditional and digital marketing avenues. However, as you might guess, being “agile” as a marketer fits in easily with the fast and flexible nature of digital marketing.

Traditional marketing, which requires advanced placement of ads – and often a lot of lead time before an ad appears and any data comes through – does not work as well with the principles of Agile marketing.

Furthermore, while data can be gathered on how effective a traditional ad campaign might be, it simply isn’t as comprehensive as what you can expect from digital marketing.

The amount of information provided through digital marketing is greater and more granular; providing deeper insight that can be used to support your business.

3 Ways to Employ Agile Marketing Techniques in 2019

With all that said, you and your team don't need to get a full-fledged Agile certification to become more agile in your marketing initiatives. Start with these tips:

1. Go Digital – Or More Digital.

In 2019, your company is probably already employing digital marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy. But how much digital marketing? Is it the primary focus of your marketing department or are tried and true local television ads doing all the heavy lifting? Is the same print ad being run again and again in the same women’s magazine?

We’re not suggesting that you stop doing what’s already working. However, if those existing marketing campaigns are already chugging along and getting a good return on investment (ROI), then take some of that revenue and use it to expand and grow.

Can you expand your company’s social media presence? Or how about actually use the analytics that Google provides to really see what is or isn’t working?

To be more agile in your marketing, you need to go all in on the digital marketing world. Marketing automation tools like Marketo allow your marketing team to learn fast and make adjustments based on what’s working and what isn’t.

2. Improve Your Collaboration and Teamwork

Your marketing team needs to be like a top basketball team in the NBA – light on its feet and ready to change directions at a moment’s notice. To really enable this, you need planning software like Visual Planning to help make communication and planning easier.

Project management software can be a fantastic help when planning and running a marketing campaign. It can help with delegation, prioritizing tasks, managing budgets, and improving collaboration.

3. Keep Your Finger On the Pulse of the Market

You might have a team member – or hire someone – who can spend their time reviewing and watching current hot trends. Sometimes, the biggest opportunities you will get in digital marketing are one-time events where being in the right place at the right time counts.

For example, one tweet during the Oreo Superbowl blackout of 2013 got a whopping 15,169 retweets. This is an example of how your digital marketing can grow exponentially due to your customers and fans doing the marketing (sharing) for you.

Be Prepared for Agile Marketing in 2019!

Agile marketing continues to grow in acceptance as it’s implemented across large and small teams alike. Digital marketing continues to evolve in 2019 with more channels and advertising opportunities than ever before. With all of these moving pieces, marketers need to leverage the agile framework to learn quickly and shift away from what’s not working to what’s generating the biggest return.

Are you using an Agile approach to your digital marketing in 2019?

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