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Email continues to be a highly effective marketing channel. Because email marketing is a tried and true way of reaching a targeted online audience. These are people who opted in to hear from you. They are open to your business and perhaps interested in your product.In fact, some marketing experts suggest that email marketing has a 38-1 return-on-investment!

Email marketing isn’t just about sales. It’s also about engaging and keeping your customers. A full 80 percent of retail professionals cite email marketing as critical to their customer retention efforts. This drops to 44 percent for social media followings.

However, with 124.5 Billion emails sent every day, it is vital that your emails stand out.Additionally, new email technologies are being created every day that can support your marketing, sales, and customer services. As customers preferences and behaviors change, email strategy also continues to change.

How can you stay up to date on the best emails, technologies and strategy? Here are 5 of the best email marketing podcasts available to keep you up to date on the latest trends and strategies.

Given that email is so important for your digital marketing efforts, keeping up with the latest strategies and ideas is important. However, even the oldest or slowest to update email marketing podcasts have important insights and gems for you to learn and apply. Here are some of the five best email marketing podcasts:

1. The McMethod Email Marketing Podcast

The McMethod Email Marketing Podcast claims to be “the #1 email marketing podcast in the world.” This podcast was started by a guy who learned how to become a $10,000 (per email) copywriter. The McMethod Podcast covers copy writing tips to how to leverage your social media work in emails. One of his “secrets” to success? Write out your email marketing copy by hand first. Supposedly, this works!

The blog taps into McMethod’s expertise and also brings in some of the top email markets across the worlds. Some of his most popular episode include Michel Fortin’s Two Secret Formulas to Writing Blockbuster Copy, John Carlton on 6 Key Elements Of Powerful, Profitable Email Marketing and Russell Brunson on How To Generate Boat-Loads of Cash With A Multi-Million Dollar Email List (and manage it like a BOSS).

2. Email Marketing Insiders Podcast from Max Your Sales

The Email Marketing Insiders Podcast has a ton of great episodes to listen to on demand. The podcast is run by Mike Eyo, a digital marketer who spent over 7 years at several digital marketing agencies before launching his own company. His podcasts focus on how to use email to strengthen your sales funnel.

What digital marketer couldn’t benefit from the episode Wake Up Cold Email Subscribers with This Re-Engagement Email Sequence? Or how about “Sneaky” Tricks to Double Your Email Conversions?

In addition to the podcast, his website has several resources and blog posts to help any small business better understand and execute their email strategy.

3. Email Expert Podcast

The Email Expert Podcast features interviews with email marketing experts, case studies, and strategies for your next email marketing campaign. Host Daniel Deyette interviews entrepreneurs with various backgrounds to understand their marketing strategies and how they leveraged email marketing.

Daniel provides a brief summary of each podcast, included the questions asked, on his website so you can easily search for topics or experts that interest you.

4. The Blogging Millionaire Podcast

While a podcast about blogging might not seem like a great email resources – this podcast is actually a perfect match.Email is often about engaging content and The Blogging Millionaire Podcast provides tips on creating content people actually want to read.

Host Brandon Gaille built a blog with over 1 million monthly visitors in less than two years and he shares his secrets to email marketing, list building, and website engagement.

This podcast goes beyond email marketing to cover the entire world of digital marketing. Other topics cover SEO, social media marketing and other marketing topics so you can expand your horizons beyond just emails. Some of the topics covered in this podcast are really important for email marketers, however, such as how to deal with copywriter’s block.

5. The Everything Email Podcast

The Everything Email Podcast is hosted by Kerel Cooper, SVP of the Customer Journey Group at LiveIntent. Topics include how to level email to “continue the conversation” and whether the future of marketing is in text messaging apps (the next iteration of email).

As the name suggests, the podcast covers everything email, including exploring email myths and the latest facts around open rates and response rates. This podcast really focuses on email and provides perspective on how email can elevate other marketing efforts.

You won’t regret taking the time to listen to this series, and it’s likely you’ll find nearly everything you need that’s email-related in their archives. And if you don’t find what you want, shoot them an email and suggest a topic for their next podcast.

Email Marketing Is Here to Stay

As long as we have email, we will have email marketing. If you are not effectively utilizing your email list, then you are effectively throwing out money. Listening to any of these podcasts will improving your email marketing and give you additional ideas on how to improve your business.

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