How Automation is Changing Small Business

How Automation Is Changing Small Business

Thursday May, 23 in Business by Richard Bertch

The goal of every small business is to maximize profits and minimize overhead. Automation makes it easier than ever for less people to get more done.

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4 Software Development Trends Overtaking the Market

4 Software Development Trends Overtaking the Market

Wednesday May, 22 in Technology by Emily Snell

Experts forecast several disruptive movements which will change the way that developers do business. Take advantage of these trends to stay ahead of the market.

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Ransomware: the Terrifying Threat To Small Businesses

Ransomware: The Terrifying Threat to Small Businesses

Thursday May, 16 in Technology by Richard Bertch

Business owners have a new cybersecurity threat to be worried about these days. There is a growing epidemic of ransomware that is threatening their very existence.

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5 Market Trends To Consider Before Getting Started with Flipping Houses

5 Market Trends to Consider Before Getting Started With Flipping Houses

Wednesday May, 08 in Sales by Richard Bertch

Shows like Fixer Upper and Flip or Flop glue to the TV millions of viewers from all over the world. If you've been inspired by TV to enter the world of real estate, there are some trends you need to know.

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5 Timesaving Business Hacks For Small Business Owners

5 Timesaving Business Hacks for Small Business Owners

Monday May, 06 in Business by Richard Bertch

Every small business owner is inundated with constant tasks, communications and fires that need to be put out. Use these timesaving hacks to steal back a few hours a day.

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