Hidden Gems Archery

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182 Remsen Street Brooklyn, New York 11201
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What do we do?
We will start laying down the foundations for the Biomechanically Efficient Shooting Technique (B.E.S.T) Method. We give students who have shot before the option of using a sight on their bows to be more accurate shooters. The amount of people in class is cut down so individuals feel they have more time shooting. We also add additional netting to increase spacing amongst targets. Lastly, we give a portion of this money in order to support Olympic Archery in Schools Program. Think about it, the more archery equipment we have in schools the more places the community can go in order to practice target shooting.

What do you learn?
The introductory lesson walks you through some basic processes in order to learn how to shoot a bow with rudimentary technique as soon as possible. We also explain some safety procedures. This course is informational to you because we determine the bow and arrows you should be using as you start shooting. We then allow you to practice shooting to work on your form. We teach all Introductory course as a group and then you are assigned to your shooting line and your individual targets.

What do we do moving forward?
If you think this is a sport you would like, we want you to learn Olympic-style archery. This is when you anchor underneath the chin. Side-anchor is used in our intro course because we have noticed many people are afraid to pull the string back and bring it close to their face. We get people acclimated to the draw weight of the bows and the idea the arrow will fly forward in the intro class.

Our hopes?
That we are able to form a team of individual who can be considered the new urban archers. We compete with one another just for the fun of it and we reach the goals we set in practice and outside practice. We want families to form healthy competitions over the sport but moreso enjoy their time with one another. In this time of fast speed technology, some times it is just fun to, shoot.



Phone: (254) 247-4477

Website: www.hiddengemsarchery.com


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