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Licensed moving company. Local, long distance services. Piano moves. Great rates.

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by Alex Wildner on 3/24/2014

They Did a Good Job!

All I have to say is WOW!! I move yearly due to my job and this was by far the best move ever! I was not over priced; I actually paid less them what they quoted. And this is the first time that I moved and nothing was damaged, at all! They wrapped my things so good that even if the truck crashed my things would have been protected. Everyone that I dealt with was great. Even the movers were fantastic. They were funny and very professional I might add. They wanted to have fun and work but took what they did very seriously. I am DEFINITELY moving with them again and I think everyone who reads this should move with them as well, you will not regret it!

by MeghanYoung on 3/26/2014

Great Job!!

What a great company this was! From the moment I started planning my move they were the FIRST company to make me feel at ease about the move. I always stress out about everything, so allowing others to come into my home and move my belongings that I have worked so hard for is a huge things for me. And they knew that and really made me feel comfortable with the company before a commitment which I did and I appreciated that they gave me that time. The move itself was flawless. I gave the guys simple instructions and they did everything I asked. They wrapped up my furniture so good that I was not afraid AT ALL of any damage, nothing would penetrate my things with they way they wrapped! I was right…… at delivery everything went perfect! In the past I have always been the one screwed over by companies, but Active Moving is a good company to move with. Your things will be very well taken care of by the professional movers they have. Happy moving!

by billy.ryder on 3/27/2014

Good Job

My first time moving ever and I feel blessed that I choose this company! Not knowing what to expect they answered all my questions and more. They let me know how everything was going to happen step by step. Even the movers themselves were very professional and informative guys. They even knew what my furniture was made out of due to their experience. We made a game out of it and they got 11/13 which I thought was rather impressive. The drop off was the best. The movers put everything where I wanted it and did not leave until I was sure that everything was there and in the right spot. The whole experience was really a great one!

by amandabaker52 on 3/28/2014

Great Job

I am writing to thank Active Moving for their great job! They were kind and very professional. They know what they are doing! Which is the reason I will always move with them from now on. Usually when I move the movers are horrible, they drop my things or put them in the truck in crazy ways. This time the movers were very experienced I could tell. They put my things on the truck so nicely and they did not drop one thing. When my things were delivered nothing was damaged at all. They made sure that I had everything that I needed before leaving which I really appreciated since it was just me at the dropoff. Great job guys and thank you very much!

by andylewis42 on 4/1/2014

Really Great!!

These guys were really great! I really felt like I was paying them to work for me!! I move a lot and this is the first time that I was really happy with the company. My moves usually go however the company wants to do it, like pick up and delivery dates and price and packing. They always tell me a date and come a day or two after, well not Active!! They told me when they were going to be there and were there and at delivery too. And if I had a question it was answered! I had no damages which was amazing to me! And when the move was happening the guys kept asking me if they were doing what I wanted and whatever I asked they did, unlike my past which was they would do it their way. So thank you so much to everyone at Active!! I really appreciated your great job!

by amyjohson on 4/2/2014

Very Pleasant

Let me just start by saying that I think all moving companies are crappy. I think they are there just to steal our money and damage our belongings. I think they do that for a rise our something. But this company was actually pretty fair and alright. My actual delivery price was less then what I was quoted (Wooo hooo….. oh yeah!!! ? ). And all my items were in perfect condition (UNBELIVABLE!!!!). But honestly they move went smooth and pleasant. I would move with them in the future.

by hannahbelle on 4/3/2014

Great Experience

I have never moved with a company who has ever done a good job. The move went great, actually! Once they quoted me on the phone I was hooked. They answered all my questions with website references to back them up. Not only that, but for a full pack move to FL they were not that bad. I researched for about a week until I finally committed to them and I am VERY happy that I did. The movers were great!!!!! I felt like they were there to help me move which made the whole process very easy. Whatever I wanted they tried their best to get it done and if it cost extra they would let me know right away. The whole experience was great!

by maggieoneal on 4/4/2014


Everyone that I dealt with were very professional! No circles, they gave all straight answers and did not beat around the bush once. My things were not damaged at all due to the great professional wrapping the movers did. The guys that actually moved me were so hardworking I was shocked. They took very little breaks and when I told them to take a break they said they were fine and kept working, they were great guys! I would recommend moving with this company, due to their professionalism. You will be very impressed as I was.

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