How to Create Marketing Materials that Land High-Value Customers

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How to Create Marketing Materials that Land High-Value Customers

First impressions matter. When meeting someone for the first time, researchers say it takes less than a tenth of a second for someone to size you up. Whether that subconscious assessment is correct or not, overcoming it can be a challenge. It works the same way with marketing materials. The first impression sets the tone for your relationship.

Between email, social media, and online advertising, it’s easy for your marketing materials to get lost in a digital world. Even if you get someone’s attention online, your content can get deleted with a click.

That’s why many companies are finding a resurgence in landing high-value customers using high-quality print materials which cut through the digital clutter.

If you haven’t shopped for print marketing collateral lately, you may not know there are some amazing designs right now which really stand out and make the right first impression.


Embossing is a great way to give your card or presentation folder another dimension. The additional texture, or raised design, can make your logo pop or be used to emphasize specific areas of a brochure. For example, you may want to emboss the contact information on your business card or the borders of a presentation folder to emphasize a proposal.


The study of neuroscience has drawn a clear connection between tactile sensations and impressions. When things feel different, they make an impression.

Spot varnishing can add depth and gloss to images, logos, or brands. It can give the impression of a 3D image even in a flat print piece.

Coatings can also add a luxurious feel by incorporating different textures. Your material will feel different than everyone else’s materials. Special coatings can make design elements shine or sparkle. UV-coatings can be added to give colors something extra. Matte or gloss coatings can brighten things up or tone things down.

Metallic silver foil stamping, like this folder, can create a sense of sophistication and trustworthiness to marketing material.

Leverage Tech on Print Materials

Brochures can extol the benefits of your products or services. Modern technology can incorporate video inside the brochure, through a QR code, to provide a high-tech presentation and allow you to show your product in a visually engaging way.

QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) can be included in any of your print materials. When scanned, it can take customers to your online marketing materials for more depth or to focus on specific niche applications.

Different Shapes

Shapes get noticed. No longer are you choosing between a rectangle or a square. You can create presentation materials in literally any shape you desire. Round or oval business cards will send the message your company is different. Curves and angled presentation folders can set you apart from the competition. A brochure cut out in the shape of your logo will reinforce your brand.


When approaching high-value customers, it’s important to do some research ahead of time. If they are existing customers, you likely already have a wealth of information about them. If they are new or prospective customers, there’s a lot of info available online with little effort. Using the information you gather to make a personalized presentation piece can make a great impression.

Digital printing techniques can utilize variable-data merge capability allowing you to customize each print piece for its unique recipient or group. This can go beyond name and company to include logos, pictures, colors, or fonts.

A Strong Narrative

Images and words, combined with colors and textures, tell your story. You want to produce a strong narrative that drives customers to take the next step in their customer journey.

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