3 Types of Interactive Content That Can Drive High SMB Content Marketing ROI

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3 Types of Interactive Content That Can Drive High SMB Content Marketing ROI

In today's digital marketing arena, content is king – and that means content marketing is a must for small businesses. The reason it's so effective is that, unlike other kinds of marketing, it's evergreen when done right. For example, an engaging and informative blog post will attract just as much attention today as it will several years down the line, and the more content you add, the greater the effect.

That's part of the reason that content marketing campaigns can generate some unimaginably high ROI. But not all content is created equal. It turns out that the secret to unlocking the highest possible ROI from a content campaign is to focus on creating as much interactive content as possible.

Interactive content creates higher engagement and delivers value to those who consume it, which inevitably drives conversion activity. Despite that fact, plenty of small businesses rely on content strategies that favor (what they assume to be) easier-to-create static content like articles and infographics. But they don't have to. Creating interactive content isn't as hard as it may appear. Here are three kinds of interactive content that can supercharge a small business's content strategy.

Interactive eBooks

One of the most popular types of content small businesses use to power their content marketing is eBooks. The reason is simple. They make it easier to attract an audience and drive conversion activity because they come with an implicit promise that they contain valuable information.

But as a form of content, most eBooks aren't much different than an extended version of a blog post. And that means there are limits to how much engagement they create. With a little more effort, small businesses can instead begin producing interactive eBooks, which incorporate multimedia and other interactive elements.

Consider this interactive eBook which includes multiple video clips and clickable content on its pages. It's more visually appealing than a conventional eBook, and because the interactive content isn't static, its creator can update it over time to re-engage with their audience. That gives interactive eBooks more longevity and utility than comparable content types – making them a great choice for small business marketers.


Although they're often overlooked as a content type, calculators can be remarkably effective parts of a content marketing campaign. The reason is that they're useful in a way conventional content cannot be. And they are excellent at attracting repeat visits from users, providing multiple opportunities for conversion.

The best part of using calculators as a content type is that they're very simple to create. Consider this TDEE calculator. It gives users the ability to calculate how much energy they use per day to help them plan for appropriate diet and exercise. It relies on widely-known formulas that are difficult to compute by hand but that are simple for a computer. And because users will need to come back to recalculate when they change their lifestyle conditions, it acts as a traffic magnet for the business that created it.


Last but not least, quizzes are one of the most valuable types of interactive content a small business can use to supercharge its content strategy. They're easy to create, and the internet can't get enough of them. For evidence of that fact, look no further than the well-known news and entertainment portal BuzzFeed. It's most well-known online for its viral quizzes, and they helped drive enough revenue to turn the site into a company worth $1.5 billion by the time it went public in 2021.

But businesses of all kinds have relied on quizzes to power their content strategies for some time now. There are examples of them in use everywhere you look, and in just about every industry, as well. And for small businesses, they offer a simple and effective way to provide interactive content aimed at a specific target audience. That alone makes them more than worth exploring as a part of a small business content campaign.

Interactive Content Is Essential

The major takeaway here is that content marketing is an essential part of modern small business marketing, and interactive content is the most effective way to create a high ROI. And creating interactive content isn't anywhere near as hard as many small business owners and marketing professionals assume it to be. So, by integrating some of the above content types into their strategies, small businesses can generate more conversions for every marketing dollar they spend and achieve their sales goals with ease.

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