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Reputation Control Inc DBA is located at the address 8950 West Olympic Blvd in Beverly Hills, California 90211.

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by Mark Evans on 8/24/2014

Decent Company, They Really Helped Me Out.

Repair Bad Reputation is a game changer. A few years ago. I started up a business and unfortunately had a very rocky start up. A lot of customers were not satisfied and we began to build a poor online reputation. My business suffered. We worked round the clock in an effort to make the best of our business, in hopes to turn it around. We spent a year fixing many downfalls and new customers are very satisfied with our service, yet that does not seem to matter because across the internet we had negative ratings from our initial customers. I contacted "Repair Bad Reputation" as a final resort. I really did not know what else to do or where else to turn. This company really made a difference. They quickly started to work with us and we developed a plan to help get things going in a positive direction. Ive been working very closely with this company and I am seeing the outcome of it. From very early on things seemed promising so we stuck with them. They really seemed to care about us and they did everything they could to help out. What was once posted on the internet that was damaging is now positive!

by yazmine bratz on 9/1/2014

What a Great Experience!!!

This company is amazing. I just started a bakery not too long ago and we were getting some negative reviews. I wondered where these reviews were coming from and of course they were from some of our top competitors. I contacted Repair Bad Reputation to help us get rid of some of this bad press. They did an even better job than I expected. When we search our business name in the search engines, now we see a lot of positive press. I liked how they first analyzed our company before they did the reputation repair. I felt like they understood our brand message and truly wanted to help our company succeed.

by tony speck on 9/6/2014

Wow What a Great Company!!!

Repair Bad Reputation saved my company's reputation. I inherited this company from my father and I was very worried about the reputation of my company. Towards the end of his time as a manager, he wasn't able to give customers the type of service that they deserved because of his health. And with this, we received tons of bad reviews and bad posts about our company. I was worried about the future and how our company would exist. It had been in business for almost 25 years. Repair Bad Reputation helped us to fix our bad reputation and to set a new one. Since our reopening, we have come up with new slogans and new content to erase all the bad that happened previously. I am very happy with this company and would recommend them to anyone.

by Kristen Digs on 9/12/2014

Brilliant Company

This is a great company to use for anyone who is having reputation problems! I had just started a resell it shop and I had some problems with a few customers. They brought some items in that weren't really what we were looking for and we were unable to take the items to sell. They then started writing a ton of bad reviews on websites about our business and how our staff is rude. Since we are a start-up, I really worried about how this would affect our reputation and hurt sales. I found Repair Bad Reputation online and decided to give them a call. They helped to repair our bad reputation and came up with tons of new content! Highly recommend this company!!!

by Mani Forester on 9/12/2014

Helped Out So Much!

Repair Bad Reputation is an incredible reputation management firm. Without their help, my band wouldn't be at the level we are today as successful independent musicians thriving both locally and nationally. We were initially introduced to Repair Bad Reputation by a friend of ours who had some issues with online reputation and they were able to fix it. When we contacted them we had what we believed was a competitor who was trying to destroy our reputation. Together we went through a detailed plan to repair, defend, and manage our on reputation. After several weeks we finally got a sense of hope. We chose to go forward and we have never regretted our choice. We had looked at other online reputation management firms, but felt most comfortable with them based upon their reputation. Their services have turned out to be significant to us and our prosperity as independent musicians. I'm unbelievably grateful for all that Repair Bad Reputation has accomplished for us. If you have a chance, work with them. You won't regret it.

by Richard Simmons on 9/20/2014

Best Reputation Management Company

Repair Bad reputation is an excellent firm specializing in protecting and fixing negative information posted on the internet. Reputation management is a key to your success, I got into some trouble with the law and was accused of certain crimes. My business quickly started falling apart, when people looked me up they found all these negative postings that painted me in a poor light. Although I was not found guilty, there were severat sites that posted negative information about my case. Obviously, I was not guilty but there was nothing I could do about the information since they said I was accused of a crime which is accurate. I contacted an attorney that specializes in defimation of character and he explained I had no legal recourse in fighting the negative postings. He suggested I contact the team at Repair Bad Reputation. I spoke with a man named Hersh who was honest about my situation, calmed me down, and gave me a responable rate given my situation and the number of negatve postings online. I am so happy I did ... I would not have been able to do what they did as they spen countless hours adding my information to listings, building social media sites, setting up blogs, setting up a wikipedia profile and pushing the negative information down. I can't say more about the professional team for Repair Bad Reputation Management and would recommend to any future people that they work with them!

by Robin clerk on 10/1/2014

Best Reputation Management Firm

I have never worked with a team of reputation management specialists as good as Repair Bad Reputation. I got into some trouble with the law and was arrested and accused of a crime I did not commit. Although I was found innocent of the charges, several sites posted information about these accusations. I was even on a site called with my booking photo. I could not say the information they posted was not true, since I had been charged with the crimes, but despite being innocent the search engine results showed several negative comments. When searching my name you would see my name next to a statement that said 'accused of' - it was not good for my online reputation management, when applying for new jobs HR executives would ask about these charges and when trying to go on dates I would always run into problems. The team at Repair Bad Reputation helped push this negative information off the first pages of the internet. The CEO Hersh Davis-Nitzberg was with me through the entire process. I want to thank Repair Bad Reputation for all the hard work. Thank you guys!

by Michael Linn on 10/8/2014

Excellent Service

I recently had the pleasure of working with Repair Bad Reputation concerning a negative web post. Hersh and his staff were very professional and extremely helpful with my problem. I really appreciated their positive attitude and ability to give sound advice about my options and how to go about getting the post suppressed or even removed. I am grateful to have had access to their services. They are true professionals and experts in the field of reputation management.

by Davi Smith on 10/24/2014

Great Experience!

Repair Bad Reputation was an excellent company to use to help me to fight against my company’s bad reputation. I found the company online through Facebook and I was very intrigued by their services. Reputation repair seemed like something that would be impossible. Some bad things were said about my company through social media, blogs and other sites on the internet and I didn’t really know how I would be able to recover. Once I found Repair Bad Reputation, I was excited in that this could provide a solution to my bad reputation. I received a free reputation consultation. After my consultation, I knew that this was the right decision for me. Repair Bad Reputation was able to terminate the bad publicity and took it off of the top search engine results. The negative content went down, while they raised up the positive content. I felt like this really helped me from losing future clients. When clients search me now, they will see more positive content rather than the negative. I was so happy to see that the negative content had gone away. Repair Bad Reputation worked with me throughout the entire time and I could tell that they genuinely cared about my reputation. I loved the new content that they produced and it’s easy to tell that they are specialist in writing, SEO and marketing. I’m feeling a lot better about the outcome of my business. I would recommend using Repair Bad Reputation if your company has had some negative press. It’s really helped me to change the reputation and outlook of my company.

by Taylor Larson on 11/11/2014

Great Service!

Repair Bad Reputation is the best company to use to help repair a bad reputation. My company suffered from a bad reputation previously before I let the experts at fix my reputation. I recently bought out the old owners, but unfortunately there was still a lot of bad press online. I wanted to be able to get rid of the negative statements and blog posts. One of my friends told me about Repair Bad Reputation after she had used it to help repair her company’s bad reputation. I was so excited to have found this company in the hopes that I could repair my company’s bad reputation. I received a free consultation and I could tell from the consultation that this was the right decision for me. Plus after doing an extensive search on the internet Repair Bad Reputation had the best reviews around. I was amazed with how Repair Bad Reputation was able to get rid of all the bad publicity. Now when you search my company’s name in a search engine, you don’t see any negative press. There is so much positive information now and it really helped me a lot. I felt horrible that my customers were seeing all of these negative statements, so it really helped to turn things around for me with all of the positive publicity. The negative content is now page four and five and I am feeling a lot better about the future of my company. Repair Bad Reputation ( was there for me every step of the way and I could tell that they really were there to help me succeed. The new content is amazing and helps my company to stand out. It’s simply amazing how much using Repair Bad Reputation has helped me improve my company’s tarnished image and how important it was for my companies growth. I believe that everyone should use this company as they truly care and are so helpful. I am very excited about the outcome and the future of my business.

by Mark Dupee on 11/23/2014

Must Work with This Company!

Repair Bad Reputation defended, repair and saved my reputation! I was really worried about my reputation after I graduated college. I had a lot of fun in college and some things that I had posted online, didn’t really fit what a recent graduate should have on the internet. In my job search, I really wanted to make sure that potential employees knew that I was a good candidate. I wanted them to see that I was a hard worker and would do anything to get the job. One of my friends told me that she had used Repair Bad Reputation to save her reputation after college. I thought that was a really great idea and decided to look into it. After looking into it, it seemed like something that I could definitely use to repair my bad reputation. Their website really presents their company well and I was interested in learning more. I called and was able to receive my free consultation. During my consultation, I found that this company cared and wanted to help me out. I decided to use them and so far it has really been a success. I had a lot of negative things on the internet under my name, but with their professional ORM services, they were able to remove a lot of the bad things from the top of my search. I really appreciated all the hard work that they did to improve my reputation. Now when I search my name, positive things come up. Since I am a writer, they were able to highlight my blogs. This made me look so professional. They have really highlighted my skills and I am so glad that I found Repair Bad Reputation. They were very easy to work with and they worked hard with me to help my reputation shine. I wish more companies worked as hard as they did. I have already gotten tons of job interviews now after their work, and I am so excited for the future. Repair Bad Reputation saved my life and I am now able to be a professional. I can’t thank them enough!

by Royce Seabaugh on 9/17/2014

Wow, Awesome Job!

I have worked with Repair Bad Reputation for a number of years with a few of my top clients. As a publicist, the reputation of your clients, is key to the success of your business. When it comes to reputation management, I have always trusted the team at to work through any online reputation management issues and help my clients thrive despite having bad press or publicity. What Repair Bad reputation does is suppress any negative information from the top pages of Search engines and replace the negative information with fresh and positive content. The team at Repair Bad Reputation is a top notch firm that pays close attention to the needs of every client - great communication, honest answers, and hard working. They give it to you straight and they do the job. I have worked with other reputation consultant agencies in the past but the success I have had with Repair Bad Reputation is top notch. If you do call them at 888.805.4121 ask for Hersh and tell them that Royce sent you! I hope this helps you make an informed decision on what firm will best fight to repair your tarnished image or reputation!

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