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California is the third largest state in the United States when it comes to area; approximately 160 thousand square miles. Located on the western coast of the U.S, it is bordered by Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona. It is also the most populous state, with the largest population of White Americans. It has four large cities consisting of Los Angeles, San Jose, San Diego, and San Francisco. California has cool and rainy winters with dry summers. Tourists flock to California during the summertime to visit Disneyland Park; not to be confused with Disney World. Disney Land is full of attractions, entertainment, dining, shopping, and tours. Tourists can also take advantage of free admission on their birthday.

Besides the famous Disneyland Park, California is well known for its universities. Stanford University is a private research university founded in 1985. Each year Stanford enrolls 8,000 graduate students, and over 6,000 undergraduate students. Its undergraduate program was ranked forth in the nation by the U.S News & World Report. Another important university is the University of California. This school is well known for its large number of prominent faculty in every major. For more information on California's education system visit our yellowpages.

In 1960 California hosted the Winter Olympics, and in 1994 the FIFA World Cup. When it comes to jobs and the economy, the five major sectors in California are transportation, trade, utilities, hospitality, and health services.

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