North Carolina Business License

North Carolina Business License

What license do I need to run a business in North Carolina?

North Carolina does have a variety of licenses that businesses need. However, different types of businesses need special licenses to be allowed to operate in North Carolina. The goods and services you provide will determine whether your business requires a license. There are also several North Carolina occupational licensing boards. These boards oversee specific occupations that require a license to practice in the state. Although the requirements for occupational licenses are different depending on the occupation, they generally require that the applicant meet certain educational or exam conditions. Your business may not be required to obtain a state license, but many cities and municipalities have their licensing requirements.

What do I need to do to register my company?

To operate in North Carolina, certain business types, such as limited liability companies and partnerships, must also register with the North Carolina Department of State. Partnerships and sole proprietors do not have to register with the state. However, individuals who do not use an individual's legal name but adopt a trade name for their business must register it with the county in which they reside.

What are the requirements for local licensing?

Although the requirements are different, many cities require all businesses to obtain a Privilege License for them to be able to operate in their respective city. Some areas require that certain professionals and businesses obtain additional licenses to allow them to operate. Massage therapists, for example, must be licensed by the state. However, the city of Raleigh requires them to be specifically licensed by the city. If they are running a massage business, they will need a special permit in addition to the city Privilege Licence. Businesses that operate from a home office must also obtain a home occupancy permit to do business in the city legally.

What information should I provide for my license application?

The type of license you apply for will determine the information you need, but you should provide the following:

  • Date of the business's inception
  • Name of the business
  • Telephone number and business address
  • Type of business (corporation or LLC, LLP, general partner, sole proprietor)
  • Business purpose
  • Name and contact information for the applicant

You will also need to show proof that your business has met all state and local requirements in most cases.